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Confidence for Interviews
Another area where it’s always good to build your confidence is for job
interviews. The skills for having confident, successful interviews can be easily
acquired, and you never know when they might come in handy.
Use these tips to help you compete for the dream job you desire:
1. Research the company and position. Find out what the company
does. Determine how that position fits into the company, the
responsibilities of the position, and how you’d be a good fit.
2. Write down your positive qualities. Make a list of your skills and abilities
Beside each one, list your experiences that demonstrate these qualities.
3. Make a list of things you want the interviewer to know. Include
characteristics, abilities, prior experience and past successes. Always
include supporting stories about specific instances where you excelled in
these categories.
4. Develop a winning attitude. If you have a success mindset about the
interview, it can increase your odds of being the one who gets chosen for
the job.
5. Know exactly what you can offer to the company and why
you’re different. Notice that I said to focus on what you can offer and
not the other way around. You need to know yourself and know how
you fit in the puzzle.
6. People hire people who show confidence in their skill set. Most
people go into an interview thinking it’s some lucky chance that they’ll
get the job, but the truth is, if you show the confidence in your abilities
– and it’s a good fit – you’re more likely to get the job.
7. Let it go. Sometimes your feverish desire for the position actually
pushes it away. As confident as you can be that you’re a great fit, you
can only do so much. Be confident the you’ve done your best, then let
it go.
5. Write down your questions. If you have questions for the interviewer,
write them down and take your list to the interview with you.

6. Write down possible interview questions and your answers.
✴ Why do you want to work here?
✴ What can you bring to the company?
✴ Why will you be the best one for this job?
✴ Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
7. Practice your answers out loud in front of a mirror. This will help you
get more familiar with your answers so you can look and sound natural.
Practice in front of the mirror or with a friend so they can give constructive
feedback about your body language.
8. Prepare positive answers to questions about weaknesses. For
example, a common interview question is, “Describe one of your
weaknesses.” Your answer may include something like, “I used to get
nervous about speaking in front of groups, but I have been taking public
speaking courses and have become much more comfortable with it.”
9. Visualize success in this new job. Actually see yourself in the
interview, shaking hands, answering eloquently, and getting the job. This
kind of vivid imagery helps to build your confidence for the real deal.
1. Warm up before you go into the interview. Just as in public speaking,
do your deep breathing exercises and stretches to relax you and make
you alert.
2. Dress for success. Wear clothes appropriate for the position you’re
seeking so the interviewer can get a visual picture of you in the job

3. Stand and sit up straight. Good posture also shows confidence, but
don’t be rigid. Let your muscles remain relaxed.
4. Smile confidently and be friendly. A bright smile helps boost your own
confidence as well as show the interviewer that you’re a confident,
friendly person.
5. Give a firm handshake. This exhibits self-assurance in yourself and your
abilities. If need be, practice your handshake with others to get the right
6. Make eye contact. Don’t stare at the interviewer, but look them in the
eye whenever appropriate. If you avoid eye contact, they may think you’re
hiding something or lacking self-confidence. If there is more than one
interviewer, look at everyone equally, no matter who is speaking the most.
7. Relax. Remember that you’ve prepared for this. Because of your
preparations, you’ll likely be able to answer most questions with ease. If
not, that’s okay. As long as you’re real and true to yourself, your
confidence will shine through.
8. Include facts and figures. Whenever possible, include specific facts
and figures in your answers. For example, “My technique increased
profits by 7%.”
9. Stay positive. Avoid negative comments about previous employers or
co-workers. This negativity could reflect back on you. If you’ve solved
problems at previous jobs, focus on the positive benefits of your
10. Thank the interviewer before you leave. Showing gratitude leaves a
good final impression.

Following these tips can bring you confidence in your interviews and help
you get the job you seek. Almost always, the interviewer will hire
someone who appears confident.
Being too anxious or shy often makes the interviewer wonder if you could
be hiding something or exaggerating your skills. It’s okay to show nerves, but
it shouldn’t overshadow your confidence.
Remember to ensure that you’re well prepared before setting foot into the
interview. Being prepared gives you the confidence that shines through and
brings the interviewer the assurance that they made a good decision in hiring


If you really put a small value on yourself, rest assured the world will not raise the price.

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