Communication is a key

Want to enjoy your workday more? It may surprise you to consider that small changes in how you communicate can make a big difference in how your day goes! Think through these tips and ask yourself if putting them to action might make your day a little better!

3 Ways To Improve Workplace Communication

Here are simple tips that will solve most communication issues in the workplace.

1. Have One Conversation at a Time

Multitasking may be fine for some, but people rarely want your divided attention. If too many things are going on, you’re likely to miss important details that might make the difference between success and failure. Whether you are having a conversation in person or on the phone, give the other person focused time. You’ll make them feel important and worthy. Plus your conversations will actually be shorter, allowing you to go back and add that important mustache to your Instagram photo.

2. Look People in the Eye

Many people feel odd about looking intensely into others’ eyes. I personally find myself naturally focusing on lips in conversations, which can help in a noisy environment. But I have worked hard the last few years to consciously make eye contact. Studies show that doing this conveys truth and honor. It’s still a bit awkward. A few people even divert their eyes when I do it. But with most people I feel a stronger connection and find that it’s easier to read emotions.

3.  Ask Two Questions

Important conversations are generally for the purpose of transferring information and gaining clarity. If people simply blurt out facts and orders, the information transfer or clarification may not occur. Make it a point in every meaningful conversation to identify a couple of provocative, relevant questions and ask them before you finish talking. The process will make you think harder about what is being said and will ensure both parties were fully engaged.

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By using subtle communication changes as a key, you can unlock better experiences and better relationships not only in the workplace, but in all aspects of life!

Move Toward Better Communication Starting Now

Here are a few steps to advance your communication skills through self-awareness and emotional intelligence:

1. Determine your relationship value.

Begin by looking at your role within your company and determine how you want your colleagues, employees and clients to see you. What are your strengths? How can they help or influence others? What character values are important for others to see in you? Imagine if you were to leave or retire, how would you want everyone to remember you?

2. Alignment.

Next look at the above values to see if they align with your current behavior and how you treat those around you. People will often feel self-conscious as opposed to self-aware, when they are acting in a way that does not align with their core values. As a rule of thumb: If you treat everyone the same way you expect to be treated, then you don’t have to worry about what others think of you.

3. Objective.

Be clear on what your objective is before entering a conversation. Know what you are hoping to get out of the interaction and let it be known to the other person(s) from the beginning. If they know what your intentions are they won’t be surprised with any questions.

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Have you ever learned a communication technique that made a difference in your life? Any tips for others seeking to improve their communication skills?

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