Job Interview – Preparation

Job Interview Preparation can be started well before you appear in the interview room and should start by you researching the employer. Information on the employer’s business can usually be found through internet, libraries or professional business directories. By finding out what the employer’s business is, and the structure and types of client’s they support, this shows to the interviewer or panel that you are interested and enthusiastic about the possibility of working for them.

Job Interview Preparation

Another important step is to take the time to get to know you. By this I mean that you need to determine your strengths and weaknesses. Prepare the points you want to cover and the points you may wish to avoid during the interview. By referring to this job Interview Preparation information you will be able to focus on the important things you need to do and things you should avoid. For example, never volunteer negative information about yourself eg I’m hopeless with numbers”.

Evaluate any problem areas in your application and be prepared to offer strong explanations for these during the interview. Also write out possible questions and answers, for practice. Pretend you are the boss and it is your money that is being spent to interview and possibly employ you. “What questions would you ask to make sure the right person was selected?’ Also do a mock interview with a friend or relative that you trust. These can be useful exercises to help you along the way for your job interview preparation.

If you decide to take this job interview preparation advice, it is important to make the interview and settings as real as possible. If you know it is to be a face to face interview with one person, then start your mock interview by knocking on the door of a closed room, waiting for it to be opened or you to be called in, greeting your pretend interviewer, if a man, with a smile and handshake. If a woman, a smile and cordial greeting is sometimes more appropriate. Then go through the whole interview process with them, ideally with a desk between you. The whole purpose to this exercise is to reduce any potential stress and make you feel comfortable and confident with the job interview preparation process. The more you practice the easier it becomes. “Want to know how to improve your performance further?” Practice answering questions in front of the mirror. This is a very powerful and confronting exercise as you see what the interviewer will see and also gives you the opportunity of eliminating any annoying mannerisms eg scratching face, mumbling etc that you may not realize you have.

Once the date for your interview is confirmed (see Job Interview Tips for additional information) know exactly how to get to the organisation and prepare any additional materials you want to bring to the interview, such as copies of your resume, a list of references, samples of your work, academic transcripts etc. One last tip, be yourself and not some copy of what you think the perfect candidate should be. They are not only interviewing you, you are also interviewing them and deciding whether you would like to work there or not. An interview is a bit like a first date. There is no right or wrong person involved, just someone appreciating the other for the qualities or values that they can bring and deciding whether it could be a mutually beneficial and potentially long term arrangement.

Good luck with your job interview preparation and be great – always

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