Overcome Doubt By Listening To Your Own Voice

It can be hard to ignore the negative voices in our lives that try to pull us down or tell us we aren’t enough. But at the end of the day, taking our power back means deciding which voices have the most weight in our lives. If someone’s opinion is pulling you down, now is the time to rewire your brain and brush their negativity off.

You decide who you become. You are not defined by other’s opinions. Today is the day to take your power back!

It Doesn’t Matter What Other People Think

Sometimes people respond from a place of fear.

Most people are uncomfortable with change… so when you mix things up, they’re not likely to be your biggest supporter. They’re not used to your new style, interests or habits, and this is disruptive or uncomfortable. From this place of fear, they tend to nudge you back to their comfort zone.

It’s selfish and does not have your best interests in mind. Be cautious of fear-based input.

Sometimes people just don’t get it… and they don’t get you.

If you’ve made the decision to make positive shifts and someone in your life is not supportive or is totally against the idea, they likely aren’t someone who A) cares about your needs, or B) really gets you.

People that aren’t supportive and don’t get you don’t get to have a say in what you do. Ever.

You are the only person with an opinion that matters.

This is your life! Your body, your career, your time, and your happiness that’s at stake. It’s important to be considerate of other people in your life, but it comes down to what you want and what you need to be happy and healthy. The best way you can serve other people is to take care of yourself first.

– via The Huffington Post

People we love will often try to help or protect us by stepping too far into our lives. When they do, sometimes it means we question ourselves. It’s important to remember that these strong opinions are often based in good intentions, but it’s also vital that you learn to shield yourself from unnecessary opinions. This is the only way to overcome doubt.

You make your own decisions. You live your own life. It’s time to trust your own voice!

Don’t Worry About Others’ Opinions

1. It’s Not Their Life, So It’s None Of Their Business

People are entitled to think whatever they want, just as you are entitled to think what you want. What people think of you cannot change who you are or what you are worth, unless you allow them to.

This is your life to live. At the end of the day you are the only person who needs to approve of your own choices.

2. They Don’t Know What’s Best For You

Nobody will ever be as invested in your life as you. Only you know what is best for you, and that entails learning from your own choices. The only way you will ever truly learn is through making your own decisions, taking full responsibility for them, and that way if you do fail, at least you can learn from it wholeheartedly, as opposed to blaming somebody else.

3. What’s Right For Someone Else May Be Completely Wrong For You

It’s important to recognize that someone’s opinion is often based on what they would do. This alone is the problem. What is best for somebody else, can be the worst thing for you. What one person considers garbage can be another person’s treasure. We are all so unique. Only you know what is right for you.

– via Lifehack

Are you ready to take your power back and stop being held back by other people’s opinions? Will you commit today to start listening to your own voice most?

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