Resume – writing for career change

Resume writing for career change

requires you to look beyond your current employment and see the work and services you provide from a different point of view. You need to see your work and the functions you perform from another’s perspective.

Resume Writing for Career Change

You need to understand that the “work you do” is not the same as “who you are.” You are far more than the work you currently perform and the sooner you realise it, the greater your career options become.

For example, many clients come and see me and after a brief introduction tell me that “they are only” – a clerk, builder, office worker, mother etc. These words immediately “label” and mentally limit many people to very few options making it difficult for them to see Resume writing for career change being a useful option for them. This is not their fault and is also very common in occupations that have a very structured and hierarchical environment such as the armed services, government workers, emergency services etc.

I must admit I take great delight in seeing the surprise in people’s eyes when I help them to break down their job to show them all the abilities and potential they have when considering a career change. One of my favourite examples was someone who was “just a soldier” and felt they could do little else once they were out of uniform. They were very surprised when I explained their training and experience was directly transferable to non uniform employment when considering Resume writing for career change options.

These skills when broken down included the key qualities of leadership, teamwork, oral and verbal communication, negotiation, organisational and administrative abilities which are all highly desirable and frequently of crucial importance to employers. From this an employment preference list was developed and particular local and global opportunities identified. Then it was just a matter of working out where they would be most competitive and prefer to work based on their experience and previous accomplishments and developing an application to meet the preferred employer needs. As a result of this activity they found employment that they were good at and enjoyed. Most importantly though, their self esteem and belief in themselves was boosted and they found the time taken for Resume writing for career change well worthwhile.

This identification of abilities can be done by yourself but it sometimes is better and less frustrating for you to consider having a professional career counsellor do it for you. If one is not available locally you may wish to consider some of the services I offer through my website link here. Regardless of your decision, remember that the only one that can really hold you back stares out from your mirror each day. Decide what you want in a career and work out what you need to get there, then if you are really serious take whatever steps are required to be competitive and achieve your goal. Never let the best you have done be the benchmark for your life. As Ray Kroft from MacDonald’s fame said “When you are green, you are growing, when you are ripe, your rotten!

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