Self Worth In The Technology Age

It’s all too easy these days to get swept up in the social media storm. Nearly everyone is online and they’re all working to create the best, most glamorous version of themselves. But looking at the virtual image of someone’s life doesn’t give you an accurate vision of who they are.

This can lead to insecurity and unrealistic expectations. Don’t get pulled down by these comparisons. You have value and it ISN’T defined by your social presence!

Don’t  Rely Solely on Social Media to Define Your Self-Worth

Take the same amount of time that you are using to build your online credibility and channel an equal strategic effort in the offline world.   Balance is the key.   Engage responsibly.   Use social media to build and enable your offline relevancy.   How people experience your perceptual value in the online world must be the same if not better in the real world.

Don’t Compare Yourself to Others

People who don’t have a good sense of their own self-worth tend to waste their time comparing themselves to others – rather than focusing on how their unique talents can give them a competitive advantage.   As such, whenever you compare yourself to others, you risk losing your identity and further minimizing your value.

Instead, focus on spending your time developing the skill-sets and characteristics that naturally lie within your uniqueness into roles & responsibilities that will allow your inherent talent to flourish.

Believe You Can Be More Valuable

Many people give-up on themselves rather than step-back and evaluate the bigger picture.   It’s never too late to start over, regardless of the circumstances.   It amazes me how many talented people focus more on selling other people’s dreams rather than valuing themselves enough to sell and accomplish their own.  Don’t ever believe you can’t be more valuable.

– via Forbes

How we understand our own self worth often depends on how we treat and value those around us. By altering the way you see others, you can change the way you see yourself. You are already incredibly valuable, now is the time recognize and embrace that.

Do You Know Your Value?

Valuing others makes our self-value soar. It also carries substantial social reward; showing value tends to invoke reciprocity and cooperation. Devaluing others, though, causes reactivity and resistance. It makes us look for something to be cranky about, so the low-grade adrenaline can inflate our egos enough to get us through the day.

In general, the more we value other people, animals, and things, the stronger our self-value becomes; the more we devalue, the lower our self-value sinks, making elaborate and often self-destructive ego defenses—chronic resentment, anger, substance abuse, impulsive behavior, or abuse of others—seem necessary.

A radical approach to self-value makes these and other maladaptive ego defenses unnecessary. Here’s how to get there:

1. Physical Well-Being. Commit to making your physical health important and worthy of appreciation, time, energy, and sacrifice. Begin by reading widely available information about wellness, diet, and exercise, and decide which are optimal for you. Pursue your regimen of health vigorously—not only for yourself, but to make the world a better place.

2. Emotional Well-Being. Make your emotional well-being worthy of appreciation, time, energy, and sacrifice. Emotional well-being has many dimensions:

  • Honor your deepest values
  • Survey your environment
  • Act on what’s most important
  • Value when feeling devalued

– via Psychology Today

How do you feel most connected to your own value? Do you find social media helps or hurts your sense of worth?

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